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Danbro Umbrella's £5K Holiday Giveaway!

WIN the Trip of a Lifetime – Join Danbro Umbrella Today!

WIN a Passport to Paradise

At Danbro Umbrella, we like to go the extra mile for our hard working contractors.

That’s why we’re giving you the chance to WIN £5,000 towards your dream holiday… EVERY 6 MONTHS!

And the best part is, you don’t have to do anything to enter! All you have to do is be an active Danbro Umbrella contractor who has received 27 Weekly or 7 Monthly payments through Danbro Umbrella. 

If you’ve just joined us, don’t despair! We’ll be running the competition twice a year – every June and every November – so, join Danbro Umbrella NOW for your chance to win next time!

We're The Only Umbrella You'll Need This Year...

The £5K Holiday Giveaway is strictly for active Danbro Umbrella contractors ONLY. It’s our way of saying thank you and making our lucky winners’ dreams a reality!

The winning prize is an amazing £5,000 Travel Gift E-Voucher courtesy of our friends at Inspire.

With access to flights, hotels, cruises, package holidays, car hire, activities and so much more, you can make memories to last a lifetime, whether you’re searching for some Summer Sun or escaping to a Winter Wonderland.

The destination is yours to choose (as well as who to take with you!) – and the E-Voucher is valid with top travel brands including:

• Royal Caribbean

• Disneyland Paris

• Sandals

• Emirates

• British Airways

• Jet2 Holidays

So, if you’re not already contracting with Danbro Umbrella, what are you waiting for? Sign up today!

How Can I Win?

For every 27 weekly payments you receive from Danbro Umbrella, you’ll get an additional entry into the prize draw. If you’re paid monthly, you’ll get an extra entry every 7th month you submit a payslip. The longer you stay with Danbro Umbrella, the more chance you have to win! Here’s how it works…

Damian has been with Danbro Umbrella for 8 months and has received 30 weekly payments.

Damian has 1 entry into the next holiday sweepstake.

Helen has been with Danbro Umbrella for over 2 years and has clocked up 110 weekly payments!

Helen has 4 entries into the next holiday sweepstake.

Introducing Your £5K Holiday Giveaway

Daniel Broughton, Head of Umbrella Services

£5K Holiday Giveaway FAQs

Absolutely nothing! Active contractor IDs are entered into the sweepstake automatically depending on eligibility. Your number of entries is determined by the number of times you’ve been paid by Danbro Umbrella and the number of service charges/margins paid.

An active client is any contractor for which we have retained a margin/taken a service charge to Danbro Umbrella within 7 WEEKS of the sweepstake draw.

The service charge we retain is represented as the ‘margin’ on received remittance or payslip.

Danbro Umbrella includes Danbro Workforce Solutions Limited and Danbro Employment Umbrella Limited and has an active contract that is sell before its end date.

From the day the Inspire Travel Gift E Voucher is sent to you, you will have 18 months to make a booking using the voucher. Any unspent funds on the card after 18 months will be lost.​

The Danbro Umbrella £5K Holiday Giveaway sweepstake takes place on the first Wednesday of June and the first Wednesday of November every year!

The results are computer generated with the lucky winner being randomly selected and informed that same day.

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