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Welcome to Danbro Umbrella

Your Guide to The UK's Premier Provider of Umbrella Solutions

Find out all you need to know about Danbro Umbrella, including who we are, what we do, Danbro Rewards and more. 

Access Your Danbro Rewards

How to make the most of your Exclusive Discounts

Danbro Umbrella employees get access to a host of incredible discounts at over 120 top brands.
In this guide we’ll show you how to start saving with Danbro Rewards. 

Guide to OnePortal

Your Guide to Danbro Umbrella's OnePortal

Quickly and easily upload your timesheets, view your payslips and add expenses in our exclusive, secure OnePortal system.

Guide To Your Pay & Payslips

How it works when you're paid through an Umbrella Company?

In this guide we’ll explain what happens when you get paid, along with how to understand your payslips. You’ll also find details on how we’ll work with your agency.

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