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Gain a better understanding of what an umbrella company is; how they operate; and whether it’s the right route for your contracting career. Discover the distinctions between umbrella companies and agency PAYE, and assess the benefits that umbrella employment offers as an alternative to ‘going limited’.

General Election 2024 – What Could It Mean for Contractors?
Why Should Contractors & Freelancers Use an FCSA Accredited Umbrella Employment Company?
What is an Umbrella Company?

The Benefits of Umbrella Company Employment

Explore what opportunities are available to you as an umbrella company employee. We’ll guide you through which rights you’re entitled to; showcase the array of benefits you’ll receive; and highlight the comprehensive support and security offered by umbrella company employment.

Your Rights as an Umbrella Company Employee
Workplace Pensions for Umbrella Company Contractors

Compliance & Regulations

Keep up with the all the latest major compliance regulation changes from within the umbrella sector, including any new legislation or government interventions, as well as deep dives into important factors like the Apprenticeship Levy.

General Election 2024 – What Could It Mean for Contractors?
IR35: Everything You Need to Know
Umbrella Companies & ESM2390
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